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Manage risks and strengthen support with audit controls.

Manage risks and strengthen support with audit controls. Banner

While internal controls have always been a critical component of corporate infrastructure, never before has the focus and attention on this area been so great.  With the enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, terms like COSO and CobIT have become commonplace in offices well beyond internal audit.  We are proud to be associated with a firm registered with the PCAOB, SEC, and AICPA which requires us to monitor our approach to consulting on a regular basis helping ensure that we are following industry “best practices” and standards.

Our controls practice is comprehensive and includes a variety of internal auditing services designed to strengthen and support our client’s Internal Audit group by providing added expertise as they work to manage their organization’s risk.  Combining internal controls knowledge with a focus on corporate governance, our Firm has provided such services that include audit charter development; risk assessment; audit program development; staff augmentation; Sarbanes-Oxley; and fraud investigation and forensics.  Most internal audit functions do not have the luxury of skilled internal resources to address specialty areas for such challenges as contract and construction audit; accounts payable audit; and industry specific audit but we’re able to provide help here as well.

In addition to having a strong financial, operational and compliance auditing approach, we combine these areas of expertise with significant experience in IT auditing so that our clients are able to provide a holistic approach to reviewing their organizations internal controls.  In order to remain competitive, businesses have continued to automate more and more processes and upgrade legacy systems.  With the continued and growing dependency on automation comes the corresponding reliance upon automated controls.  To manage these risks, the need for competent review and audit of the IT arena is greater than ever which includes general computer controls; application controls and continuous auditing through CAATs (“Computer Assisted Audit Techniques”).

Our controls practice is comprehensive including:

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