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Enhance investor confidence and corporate stability.

Enhance investor confidence and corporate stability. Banner

From our affiliation with a premier CPA firm, our Accounting and Finance practice is a key aspect of the foundation of who we are and what we do. Today, Clark Schaefer Consulting’s accounting services perform and enhance a full myriad of functions that are performed within the accounting function. We are experienced and up to date with the latest accounting regulations and standards, and our consultants have served in a variety of roles ranging from controller to internal audit and risk capacities within elite and emerging companies. We bring unique insight into such areas as corporate accounting, cost and operational accounting, and financial reporting.

Additionally, we provide corporate finance services ranging from the routine planning to assistance with key accounting changes, such as the FASB’s new lease accounting and revenue recognition standard changes. Besides these areas, our compliance services have assisted clients with the various standards to which they must comply; helping them enhance investor confidence and corporate stability.

Clark Schaefer Consulting provides a full spectrum of services in the areas of:

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