Accounting Advisory Services and Co-Sourcing

Advisory Services and Co-Sourcing

Every organization faces challenges to maintain the critical roles within their organization and ensuring they are appropriately staffed.  Periodically, additional resources are required due to staff transitions to new roles, reprioritizations of current staff to special projects, health related matters, or unexpected terminations.  Whatever the cause, not having the right people, with the required skills to perform a critical role, may impede management from achieving their objectives.

If the resource you need is temporary, you don’t want to hire a new employee to fulfill that role and attempting to fill this need via temporary staffing firms could become frustrating. Time may be spent retraining new individuals, as the initial temporary staff person often leaves when he/she finds more permanent employment.  In addition, the resource may consistently seek to be hired permanently which isn’t feasible (or even desired) in many cases.  Since our consultants are our employees, we offer a different solution.  Our consultants get up to speed quickly on your required tasks because they have done much of this same work in the past. They can perform the needed tasks and either maintain the role until the need no longer exists or transition the role to a new or returning member from your own staff. We also offer the benefit of having experienced management personnel that assists with the monitoring and reviewing of work performed during the time of need.

Our methodology typically has the following approach in these situations:

Phase Description
Orient We begin each project with a meeting for us and your team to gain an understanding of the role(s) which need filled.
Timing We strive to understand any critical timelines, events, and/or deadlines for the job functions we are performing to ensure we’re achieving these objectives.
Perform Our consultant will perform daily, weekly, and monthly duties in accordance for each role, specific to each engagement. We also look for efficiencies while performing required tasks.
Document We typically perform updates to policies, procedures, or other documentation as required to ensure accuracy and reflect any changes which may have occurred to the role and/or tasks performed while we were assigned to do them.
Train A successful transition of duties from our consultant to your employee requires training. Necessary training can be provided by our consultant to ensure a full transition.
Update Throughout each project, we meet with our clients to provide review progress and status updates. We review specific details concerning goals and objectives surrounding the engagement.
Report At the end of a project, we traditionally develop an executive summary which outlines the project scope, tasks performed, and lists any recommendations for improvement which have been shared throughout the project.
Manage As necessary, we will monitor, manage and review the efforts of our team as they perform the needed duties of the open position.


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