Process Improvement

Your accounting organization (or any area for that fact) has a process.  Although it’s not broken, you know it’s not functioning as well as it should and would like to improve the efficiency and effectiveness so that you can maximize its value on your organization.  Clark Schafer Consulting has assisted many organizations as they seek to review, assess, evaluate and enhance current accounting processes and their related underlying systems.  To assist our clients, we deploy a disciplined approach that includes the following:

  • Gain an understanding of goals to be achieved, current financial and information technology processes, key personnel responsible, timeline and deliverables.
  • Document the current state of the company’s financial and systems processes which include process flows (using flowcharts and narratives) with data mapping as required.
  • Develop a gap analysis detailing what is ineffective or missing in the current environment from the desired state.
  • Provide recommendations on how your environment can best implement changes based on factors such as risk, price, etc.
  • Develop a future or “To Be” state of management’s desired business processes and functionality, assessing current systems capabilities, reporting and functionality requirements with process and functionality improvements.
  • Prioritize and develop rankings for improvements and create deliverables as required.
  • Implement changes based on a formal action plan used to move towards the future state.

As needed, we can help your organization with any, or all of these, key steps to improve your accounting processes.

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