System Selection and Implementation

System Selection

Over time, every organization will go through changes within their systems environment. Whether the goal is to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, strengthen controls, or just stay current with technology trends, there is a change in the future for your company (if you’re not already going through one today). It can be a daunting challenge to change the systems that business processes rely upon to run your business. Modern systems may include a software package as well as the hardware and infrastructure to support the system, and often includes some aspects of services delivered via the cloud. You may also have a key component of your operations that needs enhanced automation.

You may be facing decisions such as whether to purchase an “off the shelf” package, a cloud service, a customized system, etc. Whatever the scenario, it is helpful to have a defined methodology and independent guidance to help ensure that the choice is made in a controlled and deliberate manner.

Our methodology has assisted many organizations over the years to help Define, Design, Evaluate, and Select new systems as follows:

Implementation Assistance

Any time a company has to change their systems, there is a lot of work that goes into that process if it is done properly.  Clark Schaefer Consulting is equipped to help you through this process, and we can scale our team to help fit the gaps where you may not have the skillsets or time. Although our role may vary on a project team, typically the critical steps for a well-planned implementation would include:

  • Assemble the Team
  • Project Planning
  • Clarify Reporting Requirements
  • Data Flow and Mapping
  • Define Integration Strategy
  • Data Migration
  • System Testing
  • User Training

Clark Schaefer Consulting provides assistance to our clients throughout all these steps knowing that each step has its own risks as well as identifiable controls that should be present to offset those risks.  Whatever the need, Clark Schaefer Consulting will be glad to assist you and your organization to help ensure that your new system is implemented in a timely and economical manner with a minimum of problems. The following are some signs that might indicate you could benefit from third party assistance:

Project Related Signs Team Related Signs
  1. Slipped or missed deadlines.
  2. Repeatedly doing project tasks in the wrong order or ignoring key project tasks altogether.
  3. Coordination of project team is proving to be harder and taking longer.
  4. Conflict such as internal politics, vested interests, or departments slowing process down.
  5. Unable to produce a (decent) requirements specification.
  6. Requirements are constantly changing and/or new requirements keep emerging after sign off.
  1. Project team member inaction due to other workloads or making excuses for not doing allotted tasks.
  2. Loss of key project personnel either temporarily or permanently.
  3. The project team is hesitating or confused as to what to do next in the project.
  4. Over dominance or influence of one or more individuals or groups.
  5. Morale and/or enthusiasm is dropping.
  6. System requirements and other deadlines for sign off are delayed by users or departmental management.
  7. IT taking the lead when users should be driving the project.
Business Related Signs External Related Signs
  1. New management desires to take time to review whether the system is actually the right one for their area.
  2. Unforeseen business or company changes occur such as mergers, acquisitions, restructures, etc…
  3. Financial changes force budgetary adjustments for the project.
  4. Primary project sponsor departs the company.
  1. The new system has just been replaced with another one by the vendor.
  2. The technologies being deployed are no longer supported.
  3. Significant recession or adverse financial situation prompting a need to reduce expenditures.
  4. Vendor of choice has gone out of business or has been acquired by another company.

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