Webinar – Protecting Intellectual Property

Protecting Intellectual Property
July 28, 2016 @ 12:00 pm

Organizations today are more susceptible to attack by cyber criminals than ever before. There is an entire underground network of criminal activity in cyber space, and criminals are targeting, sharing, and selling information including intellectual property. The motivation for cyber criminals has also changed over the years and today, there are more major actors in the cyber threat landscape. All of them pose threats to organizations both large and small. Cyber criminals do their research on the organizations they attack, have access to sophisticated and custom malware to carry out such attacks, and may go months without being detected after breaching a company’s network. Further, organizations have to be aware of the threat of their intellectual property being stolen not only by the typical cyber criminal but also by their competition. Organizations should be aware of this activity and develop a strategic risk management plan to not only minimize the chance of an attack, but also to minimize the damage caused when a breach occurs. The reality is there are two types of companies: those who have been breached, and those who don’t know it yet.

We will discuss in more detail what the current cyber security landscape looks like, how it affects organizations, what steps to take to prevent a breach, and how to minimize the damage when a breach occurs. Intellectual Property is an organization’s lifeline. Organizations get breached at an alarming rate in this information era, and it is imperative that companies protect data to keep their competitive edge. There are several safeguards that can be employed to minimize cyber threats, and if implemented into daily operations, you can focus on your business and worry less about being attacked and keeping intellectual property safe.

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