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We help companies solve problems with finances, IT and more!

We help companies solve problems in finance, technology and risk management

What We Do

As a professional service firm, our primary role in the business community is to serve our clients. When you allow us the privilege of assisting you on a project, our consultants take that responsibility seriously. We know our clients are very busy people. When you provide us a project to perform we want you to be able to focus on other tasks knowing that this particular work will be accomplished as we have promised and within the budget that we have proposed. Before each project we ask ourselves this question: “How can we exceed our client’s expectations?” We then act accordingly to ensure that we will do just that.

What We Don't

Clark Schaefer Consulting is focused upon providing services that help our clients achieve their business objectives. We will not propose on a project where we do not feel we can properly serve our clients. If you ask us to do something that we don’t typically do, we’ll tell you that. Or, we may offer you a solution we believe will meet your objectives even if our approach wasn’t how you might have envisioned getting there. You then have the choice of whether to use us or not, but successfully fulfilling each project is the foundation upon which we have built our business.

A regional CPA consulting practive serving elite and emerging companies with practical solutions in finance, control, and technology. Offering a compelling alternative to national accounting and consulting firms, executing strategies and delivering results. We dedicate intellect, methodologies, and resources to ensure your success. A virtual extension of your department to enhance your capabilities and capacity.
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